Rats or Heros?

Redditt Hudson is a cop in St. Louis who joined the department when a friend of his dad, who was a police man, mentored him and encouraged him to join for the community. He realized that some officers were unfair, but that he was going to try and make the best out of his job and not be racist or be brutal to random suspects. Every cop is different in the way they do their job. Some are strict and others are nice and do not take advantage of the power they have over the people. Lately, there have been several attacks in the United States that show militarization is the way how cops work now. There is the DoD 1033 program which permits the police department to use military equipment when needed. This has brought controversy between society because some agree and disagree. Due to the attacks is efficient for this program to exists.

First of all, attacks happen everywhere. It does not have to be a big city or a metropolitan for something to happen. In the article by Jazz Shaw he says that “Before you’re too quick to demand the “demilitarization” of the police, you might want to remember who it is that stands between the neighborhood you have now and South Central L.A circa 1992. And Ferguson has shown us that you don’t need a huge metropolitan area for it to happen.” Bad people are everywhere in the world. Things like shootings, stabbing, or killings happen everywhere, not just where people is abundant. For example the 18 minute shooting in Los Angeles. It was a normal day when the police had to go into battle against two robbers who had better equipment than them. They hurt citizens in the street as well as the police who were trying to stop them.

This brings us to the police department not having the right equipment to fight back. This is why in the Los Angeles shooting a lot of the policemen got hurt because they were fighting against people who had a better armor than them. They were not at the same level as them and were not protected the way they were. The robber got shot several times , but nothing happened to him because of the bullet proof metals they covered themselves with. The policemen had some as well, but they were only bullet proof to the standard 9 mm pistols they had. They were overthrown by the automatic Norinco Type 56 S-1s. The robber had a great advantage by having his automatic that would up top their shooting rate. In Wikipedia it said that “The two men had fired approximately 1,100 rounds, while approximately 650 rounds were fired by police.” Is clear that they were well prepared to shoot against the police and to get away with it. The SWAT team had to come and finish it by killing the second robber. The first one had no escape and shot himself when he knew the police had him.

Another reason why this law is effective is because citizens are more violent now a days. A protests turned into a riot because of an unfair court  case in Los Angeles California on July, 15, 2013. The reason why the citizens were angry at the law was because after the death of a young African-American, Trayvon  Martin,the killer was declared not guilty. According to the article “Riots, arrest in California in Zimmerman protests turn violent”, during the riots it estimated that about 150 people were involve vandalizing and setting fires. Out of the crowd 13 got arrested and 9 were detain. The police had to be ready for the angry citizens who were fighting against them. In an article that we read in class by Paul Szoldra said “We looked intimidating, but all of our vehicles and equipment had a clear purpose for combat against enemy forces.” In the case of the riots it does not matter how intimidating the police look, they are doing their job. They are suppose to protect everybody as well as each other. When people get mad they do things that can hurt others without realizing it. Fighting is not the right way to control a situation. They end up causing more damage to themselves and others around them who are innocent.

Policeman look more prepared with their appearance and the equipment they use. Szlodra  said that “Their uniform would be mistaken for a soldier’s… When did this become OK? When did “protect and serve” turn into “us versus them”?”. The uniform of the policemen has become more like a soldier’s uniform. This makes the people feel like that are against them and try to fight them. The people might feel threaten by the way they look and the type of guns they have in hands. Indeed the police department might look more like military soldiers. The police going into battle completely armed and ready to stop the crime is efficient.

Another thing is that sometimes police use the equipment wrong because is accessible to them. Also they can use them when they “feel the need to”. In cases they point wrong at people to intimidate them when they should not be doing that. Also sometimes in the time of panic they might shoot at someone because they have no control over the situation. They might not know exactly when and how to use the new equipment they are getting. There is a training on how and where to use the equipment should be strict done by every policeman. Is important for the police to take this training so they can be mentally prepared and can know when to use them. Shooting someone is not always the answer, that is why they need to be ready to have the right strategies to stop the chaos going on.

In conclusion, militarization in the country should continue and improved. No one knows when an attack might happen because is unexpected. Is necessary for the police to be ready for any type of attack, either by the citizens or by terrorists. Is known that the country has enemies and is not going to stop any time soon. Things might get worse as time passes by and the country should be ready for anything coming its way.

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